How does it affect you?

As a contractor, you are not sure if your private sector gig is in or out of IR35.

You may believe that your public sector engager is incorrectly classifying your engagement within IR35.

As an agency, you want to be absolutely sure that your clients are operating compliantly.

As a client, you want to attract the best to your business and want to ensure that the engagement you have in mind is truly outside of IR35, both in form and substance.

We take a look at your contract (or contracts if there is a chain of engagement through agencies).

We ask you to complete a detailed but simple questionnaire. It does not have to be 100% complete and some questions may not be relevant. The more comprehensive the answers, the more reliable the opinion.

We ask that the questionnaire is countersigned by both contractor and client. This is not essential but it does ensure the best possible evidence for the future and the strongest possible opinion.

We send you a written opinion within 5 working days.