IR35 is a difficult area of law. It used to be for the contractor to decide whether IR35 applied or not. Now, in the public sector, the engaging client decides. We expect that this will be rolled-out to the private sector imminently. Your experience of the public sector will tell you what to expect when that happens.

Some providers can give you the opinion of an “industry expert”. We offer you the written opinion of a barrister.

When you need a competitive edge, to engage in a genuinely compliant self-employed basis, we can provide you and your client with the assurance you need to continue your business.

The perspective has been…



Some commentators are seeing that HMRC is becoming more litigious, more likely to take-up challenges to individual status. We provide a written opinion from a barrister that you can provide to HMRC in the event of an enquiry for the best chance that you won’t have to defend your position in the tribunals.

Public Sector

Your own experience will tell you how the public sector is applying IR35 legislation. If you want a competitive edge, a full status opinion from a barrister gives your engaging client the confidence to engage you on the right basis.

Private Sector

Most are agreed that changes are just around the corner. Many clients will not have the in-house expertise to assess IR35 status. A full status opinion from a barrister will give your client the confidence they need and give you the competitive edge.